Nanuk 925 4 Up Pistol (FOAM INSERT ONLY) – Tough Cases

Nanuk 925 4 Up Pistol (FOAM INSERT ONLY)

  • $111.12


The 4 Up Pistol case provides secure storage for up to 4 handguns and 10 single or double stack magazines. Perfect for law enforcement, military and gun enthusiasts, this case features resistant closed cell PEF foam construction for long term performance. The case will also accept 1911 style guns and accommodate guns fitted with trigger locks. With 2 eyelets for locking, you can store, secure and transport your expensive handguns with confidence.


This product is the custom foam only insert to fit in the NANUK 925 case.  The NANUK 925 case is not provided in this setup and is meant only for retrofitting existing NANUK 925 cases that may have been sold empty, or with pick and pluck foam or with Padded Divider kit.

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