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Nanuk 909

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Nanuk 909

The Nanuk 909 Cases will ship by December 8th 2017.

Lightweight, stylish and compact, the 909 adapts to every environment. The slim profile of the 909 makes it the perfect case for handguns, small drones or compact tools and equipment. Like all NANUK cases the 909 is impenetrable with its tough resin shell and Powerclaw latching system. Rugged and waterproof, it protects your gear like no other compact case can
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Interior Dimensions
L11.44" x W7.0" x H3.68”
L(291mm x W178mm x H93mm)
Exterior Dimensions
L12.64" x W9.0" x H4.38"
L(321mm x W229mm x H111mm)
Weight (empty)
2.2 lbs | 1.0 kg
Temperature Range
Min -20°F (-29°C ) Max 140°F (60°C)
Lid Depth
1.31" | (33mm)
Base Depth
2.37" | (60mm)
Lightweight NK-7 polypropylene
Max Buoyancy
10 lbs | 4.5 kg
Watertight (Ip67)
Conditional lifetime guarantee
ATA 300 | ASTM D4169 | Mil-std-810f | IP67 Rating


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